• We founded in 2000, located in Changchun, China;
  • We have become a leading company in translation industry;
  • We have a membership in Translators Association of China;
  • We take Hundred Years’ Jinlun as our values;
  • We unceasingly provide high-quality translation products;
  • We conscientiously observe business ethics;
  • We strive to undertake social responsibility and to be dutiful;
  • We aim at strengthening international cooperation;
  • We implement full-system, full-life and full-quality management;
  • We are trustworthy;
  • We strongly believe in the strength of a good fame.

77 Languages Available

Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Hindi, Greek, Dutch, Rwanda, Uzbek and other languages.

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Solemnly Declared

Jinlun Translators and its all the em- ployees hereby solemnly declare that, Keep top confidential for all information from our clients in any cases.